Imperial India is your Brooklyn Mate Distributor

Brooklyn Mate is a carbonated yerba mate beverage that is brewed to perfection. This organic and lightly sweetened drink mainly has a rich yerba mate flavor, but its other ingredients – vanilla, ginger, lemon, and agave – help give the beverage a unique yet memorable taste. Rye Beverage is a Brooklyn Mate distributor.

Yerba mate is a traditional brew from South America that is popular throughout the world for its myriad of medicinal properties, as well as its potency to deliver an uplifting effect. That means that by drinking a bottle of Brooklyn Mate, you will be treating yourself to a reinvigorating and healthy drinking experience. Rye Beverage is your Brooklyn Mate wholesaler.

With yerba mate as its primary ingredient, Brooklyn Mate is the type of beverage that offers a lot of benefits to whoever consumes it. Because apart from being loaded with health benefits, the presence of naturally occurring xanthines in yerba mate allows it to provide sustained, natural energy that will last the entire day. Order this product now from Brooklyn Mate supplier Rye Beverage.