BRWD Energy Drink Distributor

Imperial India is your BRWD Distributor


BRWD is a brand of energy drink that is far unlike its contemporaries due to it being made with naturally sourced ingredients, allowing it to unleash superb amounts of natural energy, refreshment and flavor. Imperial India is a BRWD distributor.

Because of the fact that BRWD is made with naturally sourced ingredients, with no traces of artificial sweeteners whatsoever, this beverage is arguably the better, safer alternative to traditional energy drinks that contain lots of artificial sweeteners and other harmful ingredients. If you’re looking to get energized but don’t want to suffer from the potential health risks that are present in most energy drinks, then drinking BRWD is the perfect option for you. Looking for a BRWD wholesaler in NY or CT? Look no further than Imperial India.

BRWD is currently available in two refreshingly delicious flavors – Citrus + Ginger and Cherry + Rhubarb, both of which are packaged in a lean 12 oz can that sports a modern design. Other than that, both varieties contain between 20-23 grams of sugar, 110-130 calories, 71 mg of caffeine, and natural flavors. Imperial India is your local BRWD supplier here in the city.