Imperial India is your Canada Dry Distributor

Since 1904, Canada Dry has been one of the leading ginger ale soda brands in North America. While the brand is primarily known for their line of ginger ale sodas, Canada Dry also offers tonic water, club soda, and sparkling seltzer water products. Imperial India is a Canada Dry distributor.

Canada Dry’s line of ginger ale features an array of awesome flavors, such as original ginger ale, blackberry, cranberry, lemonade, and green tea. It also boasts two diet flavors and one low-calorie product. Do you want to try them out? Order now from Canada Dry wholesaler Imperial India. Every regular Canada Dry Ginger Ale flavor contains 140 calories, 50mg of sodium, around 30 sugar, around 36g total carbohydrates, and 0 total fat. Their common ingredients are real ginger, carbonated water, and high fructose corn syrup, among others.

By looking at Canada Dry Ginger Ale’s ingredients, it’s easy to tell that it shares some similar contents with other leading soft drink brands. However, the difference is that Canada Dry Ginger Ale uses real ginger in every flavor, making it slightly safer and healthier to drink than other sugary sodas. We are your Canada Dry supplier.