Imperial India is your CideRoad Distributor

CideRoad Organic Switchel is a historic beverage guaranteed to provide a unique and refreshing drinking experience to you. It features maple syrup, vinegar, and water as its core ingredients, and has a distinctively delicious taste that will make you keep coming back for more. So far, this non-carbonated product line of theirs comes in blueberry, cherry, and original flavors. Imperial India is a CideRoad distributor.

In addition to the brand’s Organic Switchel, CideRoad also offers a USDA Organic certified carbonated product line called Spritzel, which is a sparkling beverage that creates an all-new experience for the brand. As of writing, CideRoad Spritzel is available in three flavors that include Watermelon + Mint, Strawberry + Basil, and Blueberry + Honeysuckle. You can order CideRoad Spritzel products from CideRoad wholesaler Imperial India.

When it comes to CideRoad’s packaging for their two product lines, they did an exceptional job with it as both of them have what you could call an appealing design concept. So, to put things simply, CideRoad products are beverages that look good and taste great at the same time. Imperial India is your CideRoad supplier.