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CORE Water


This ultra-purified premium bottled water product from CORE Nutrition LLC contains just the right amount of minerals and electrolytes to give your body the natural pH balance it needs. With 5 incredibly designed sizes to choose from, all of which are pretty much easy to hold, CORE Water is here for your daily rehydration needs. Interested in getting this product? Imperial India is your CORE Water distributor!

CORE Water undergoes a 7-stage purification process that ensures a high level of purity in each bottle. With CORE Water’s meticulous purification process and balanced pH level, this product is absolutely one of the best in the premium bottled water category. As your CORE Water wholesaler, we can deliver this excellent product right to your doorstep!

CORE Water is not only easy to hold and carry around, but it also comes with a cup cap that makes it easier for you to share its pure and refreshing goodness to your friends! As your local CORE Water supplier, you can order cases, boxes or truckloads of this brilliant product from us.