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Imperial India is your Essentia Distributor


Essentia is the one and only premium bottled water in the world that has been scientifically proven to rehydrate at a much better rate. They do this by making supercharged ionized alkaline water that’s proven to overachieve when it comes to rehydrating. Essentia has a proprietary process that gives them the ability to take water from any water source and turn it into water with exceptional rehydration capabilities. Imperial India is an Essentia distributor.

The overachieving water of Essentia is all thanks to their proprietary ionization process, which includes purification, adding minerals, and ionization. They purify their water to the point that it reaches an astounding 99.9% purity, add the necessary amount of minerals that can ideally complement the natural mix of the human body, and remove the acidic ions that produce a bitter taste. The process that Essentia follows enables them to produce an ionized alkaline water with a 9.5 pH or higher. We are an Essentia supplier that offers door-to-door beverage deliveries.

This beverage is great for anybody, including athletes, fitness buffs, and individuals with a very active lifestyle. Leading bottled water brands have nothing against Essentia when it comes to rehydrating more effectively.

What’s more impressive is that Essentia can back up their claims with solid science, for they are included in the very first hydration study of its kind. The study was published by a very reputable sports nutrition society, and it measured how well Essentia Water and a leading bottled water brand rehydrated the trial participants after a few sets of moderate physical activities. After the trial, the results revealed that Essentia Water was indeed more effective when it comes to rehydrating.

Looking to stock up on Essentia? We can help you out with that, because Imperial India is your local Essentia wholesaler.