Fiji Distributor

Imperial India is your Fiji Water Distributor

Sourced, packed and shipped from the exquisite island country of Fiji, Fiji Water is a reputable brand of bottled water that offers a soft, smooth taste for your refreshment. Other than that, Fiji Water also contains naturally occurring electrolytes that allows it to hydrate better than bottled water brands. Looking to order? Rye Beverage is a Fiji Water distributor.

What you will find in each bottle of Fiji is water in its purest form. It all begins with tropical rain falls that are naturally purified by equatorial trade winds. Then, they slowly filter through ancient volcanic rock, gathering electrolytes and minerals in the process. Afterwards, they are collected in a natural artesian aquifer, which protects and preserves the water from external elements until the bottle cap is unscrewed. You can order this reputable brand from Fiji Water wholesaler Rye Beverage.

Fiji Water is available in a variety of bottle sizes, ranging from 330 ml to 1.5 liter bottles – each of which has a color blue label accompanied by a pink hibiscus flower. Order this beverage now from us – your local Fiji Water supplier.