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GT’s Kombucha

GT’s Kombucha is a health-beneficial drink that is made with the therapeutic gifts of Mother Earth. Each bottle is naturally caffeinated and offers beneficial nutrients and plant adaptogens obtained from medicinal mushrooms. If you are aiming for a healthy lifestyle, a bottle of GT’s Kombucha will do wonders for you. Imperial India is a GTs kombucha distributor.

Kombucha is a tea that has been cultured. The culturing period is when the Kombucha becomes naturally loaded with amino acids, active enzymes, polyphenols, and probiotics. As a cultured drink, Kombucha has a tangy taste similar to an apple cider vinegar, so the tart and slightly biting flavor of Kombucha might shock your taste buds initially. But GT’s Kombucha does their best to add in ingredients that will improve the flavor of their products, but ultimately it doesn’t matter because people drink Kombucha for its health benefits and not for its taste.

GT’s Kombucha products are naturally caffeinated and contain 8mg to 14mg of caffeine per serving. Their fizziness is due to the effervescence in each product that is 100% naturally occurring and may vary from bottle to bottle and batch to batch. But whether effervescent or not, the quality and benefits are still present in GT’s Kombucha products. Want to try out this brand? Imperial India is your GTs kombucha supplier.

People of all ages can enjoy the healthy goodness of GT’s Kombucha products. However, since each bottle is naturally caffeinated, it’s best to regulate the consumption of smaller children and only give them small servings.

GT’s Kombucha offers a vast selection of products that includes anything from Raw Kombucha to Adaptogenic Tea, which are also available in many different flavors. As a reliable GTs kombucha wholesaler, all relevant variants of this brand are present in our expansive inventory. Order from us today so you can finally begin living a healthy lifestyle.