Hals Seltzer Distributor

Imperial India is your Hal’s Seltzer Water Distributor

Hal’s Seltzer Water


Hal’s Seltzer is a New York-born and –made seltzer water brand that has been quenching the thirsts of consumers for decades. The brand’s products are known for having just the right amount of flavors and for giving consumers exactly what they need in that particular area. Imperial India is your local Hal’s Seltzer distributor.

Hal’s Seltzer comes in a variety of awesome fruity flavors that are an absolute treat to anyone’s palate. Currently, the brand offers original, watermelon, lemon, orange, lime, vanilla cream, and black cherry flavors, as well as original and diet ginger ale variants. All core flavors of Hal’s Seltzer are all natural, with zero calories, sodium, and sugar. And since we are your local Hal’s Seltzer wholesaler, all fruity flavors of this seltzer brand are available in our beverage inventory.

Hal’s Seltzer takes pride in being the only seltzer brand that possesses the following qualities:

•    Completely free of sodium, sugar, calories, and carbs.
•    Containing all natural ingredients
•    Certified kosher
•    Locally produced
•    Filtered 5 times before bottling

Want to get your hands on this refreshingly good tasting seltzer brand? As your local Hal’s Seltzer supplier, we can take care of all your Hal’s Seltzer beverage delivery needs.