Honest Tea Distributor

Imperial India is your Honest Tea Distributor



Are you seeking organic refreshment for your busy lifestyle? Honest Tea is exactly what you need. For almost 20 years, Honest Tea has managed to delight the American consumers with its impressive lineup of quality and delicious organic products. Imperial India is an Honest distributor.

Honest Tea offers a variety of organic beverages such as iced teas (plastic or glass bottles), juice drinks, lemonades, and even sports drinks. Honest Tea’s iced tea products are available in many different flavors that include, but are not limited to, peach tea, honey green tea, half tea & half lemonade, raspberry tea, and mango white tea. Want to try out the brand’s awesome products? Imperial India is your Honest wholesaler.

Honest Tea has been the top-selling organic bottled tea brand in the United States for many years. If you are a business owner, stocking up your store’s fridge or shelf with Honest Tea products will certainly do you good. Stock up now with New York and Connecticut’s #1 Honest supplier – Imperial India.