Imperial India is your Lion Teas Distributor

Lion Tea is a one-of-a-kind beverage that proves to everyone that dandelion is more than just a bothersome weed in our backyards. With dandelion leaves, root, and flower as Lion Tea’s core ingredients, the drink is capable of conveying a variety of health wonders, including detoxing the skin and liver, reducing water retention, and aiding in weight loss, among others. Rye Beverage is a Lion Teas distributor.

Lion Tea offers 6 unique flavors that include mint, unsweetened, strawberry lavender, lemon honey, blueberry hibiscus, and blood orange ginger. They are packed in a 10oz bottle that has an interesting design concept. And since Rye Beverage is a Lion Teas wholesaler, we carry all flavors of this excellent brand.

Lion Tea takes pride in being a beverage that is restorative, delicious, and detoxifying. The brand has been able to successfully utilize the positive attributes of organic whole plant dandelions and put them inside a dangerously refreshing and surprisingly flavorful drink. Do you want to order now? Rye Beverage is your local Lion Teas supplier.