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Imperial India is your Pilot Kombucha Distributor

Pilot Kombucha


For a beverage that has been consumed for many centuries, almost anyone with a decent knowledge about functional drinks knows about kombucha and its plethora of health benefits. Pilot Kombucha, a craft kombucha company situated in Brooklyn, offers a selection of kombucha products that will not only make you feel incredible – but will also delight your taste buds. Imperial India is a Pilot Kombucha distributor.

Kombucha is already a super healthy beverage itself, but Pilot Kombucha elevates the healthiness and awesomeness of their products by adding a mix of fair trade and organic ingredients and sacrificing a lengthier shelf-life for more nutritious bacteria. We are Imperial India – your local Pilot Kombucha wholesaler.

Pilot Kombucha is available in many different flavors, some of which are only available seasonally. Their flavors include Raspberry Chaga Cacao, Pomegranate Rose, Celery Juniper, Turmeric Aloe, Grapefruit Mint, and much more. Pilot Kombucha is a dream come true for everybody – from kombucha lovers to health-conscious individuals. As your Pilot Kombucha supplier, you can contact us for orders and inquiries.