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Red Bull

The history of Red Bull dates back to 1987, when they first launched their all-new product that many other companies have been emulating ever since. This popular energy drink has set a lot of milestones in culture and sports, and it is widely regarded by students, athletes, and professionals from all over the world. Imperial India is a Red Bull distributor.

Red Bull’s ingredients include alpine water, caffeine, taurine, sugar, B vitamins, glucuronolactone, and sugar originating from beets. The energy drink primarily gets its energy-boosting capabilities from caffeine and taurine. Taurine aids in the stimulation of muscles for better physical performance and helps in keeping the heart healthy. Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system and helps keep a person be more alert and less tired.

During challenging times where you’re required to function 100% but are often too tired to do so, a bottle or can of Red Bull is your best friend due to its ability to stimulate your mind and body. Upon consumption of Red Bull, you will feel more energized, with increased alertness and lesser tiredness. Red Bull comes in handy during hectic deadlines, extended work hours, and important athletic competitions. Our company has been a Red Bull supplier for many years.

Due to Red Bull’s increasing popularity, they decided to introduce new products, other than their usual Red Bull Energy Drink, to the general consumer population. Right now, Red Bull boasts an extensive selection of products that include Red Bull Cola, Red Bull Sugar-free, Red Bull Zero Calories, and Flavored Red Bull.

Are you a business owner? Stocking up on Red Bull products will be beneficial to your venture. Because of the product’s popularity, there’s always an extremely high chance that your customers will come looking for this product on your store’s shelves. With the help of a Red Bull wholesaler like us, your business will have a steady supply of this popular energy drink.