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Snapple is a brand of juice and tea beverages that has been around since 1972. For many decades, Snapple has been providing a delectable kind of refreshment to the American people. And despite the fierce competition in the beverage category Snapple is under, the brand managed to persevere and stay strong throughout the years. Imperial India is your local Snapple distributor.

Snapple offers a broad selection of tea, juice and diet beverages that also come in a wide variety of flavors. Looking to order Snapple Tea, Snapple Juice, or Diet Snapple? We are a Snapple wholesaler that can get you any Snapple product you want.

The many delightful flavors of Snapple are absolutely a dream come true for all beverage lovers out there. From the Orange Carrot Snapple Juice to the Green Snapple Tea, you have plenty of awesome choices to choose from. Feeling thirsty? We are a Snapple supplier that can indulge you with loads of this brand’s products.