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Reasonably priced, nutritious, and delicious – these are some of the adjectives that can be used to describe Soylent. The company responsible for Soylent engineers their innovative products to provide you with the nutrition you need wherever you are. If ever you are always on the go and often have no time to prepare your own meal or buy one, then Soylent is exactly for you. Interested in ordering this functional beverage? We are your Soylent distributor.

Soylent is the ultimate drink for busy individuals who regularly miss meals due to busyness or lack of time. But even if you are not always on the go, Soylent is still a great meal replacement drink to introduce to your diet, especially if you’re trying to live a healthy life and avoid junk foods. Consuming Soylent is basically a short process that includes grabbing the bottle, opening it, and enjoying it. For the equivalent of one whole meal, Soylent is definitely a convenient product.

The main product of Soylent is Soylent Drink, but they also have other products available such as Soylent Powder and Soylent Cafe. Soylent Drink can provide us with 1/5 of our daily nutritional needs and 400 kilocalories, while Soylent Café offers 400 calories of plant-based nutrition, caffeine, and artificial and natural flavors.

Looking to stock up on Soylent products? You can do that with the help of a dependable Soylent wholesaler like us!