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Imperial India is your Sprig Distributor


Sprig is a line of THC-enhanced and CBD-infused sodas that guarantees to provide an enjoyable and refreshingly delicious drinking experience to whoever consumes at least a single can of it. Made with either high-grade, all-natural CBD or premium THC extract, Sprig sodas are perfect for various types of individuals. Imperial India is your Sprig distributor.

For the uninitiated, CBD is a cannabis compound that is not known to cause psychoactive effects but is linked to a number of health benefits including pain relief, sleep improvement, and more. And THC is marijuana’s main psychoactive compound that is primarily responsible for most of the plant’s psychological effects. CBD and THC are two of the core ingredients found in Sprig sodas. Order now from us – your local Sprig wholesaler.

Sprig currently offers a neat selection of CBD and THC sodas. Citrus original, citrus zero sugar, lemon tea zero sugar, and melon zero sugar are the main flavors of their CBD-infused products, while citrus original and citrus zero sugar are the core flavors of their THC-enhanced sodas. As your Sprig supplier, Imperial India can get you any variant and flavor of Sprig.