Imperial India is your St. Lucia Distributor

Not to be mistaken for the beautiful Caribbean island, Santa Lucia is a line of natural spring water beverages that is ideal for individuals with low sodium diets, and for people who are looking for the perfect drink companion for every meal. Rye Beverage is a St. Lucia distributor that operates in various areas around New York and Connecticut.

Santa Lucia is available in two versions: Santa Lucia Sparkling Natural Spring Water and Santa Lucia Still Natural Spring Water. The former is loaded with natural carbon dioxide and the latter is clear and smooth. Both come in a 500mL glass bottle with a label bearing the brand’s name. You can order any Santa Lucia product from St. Lucia wholesaler Rye Beverage.

Whether you’re going to pair this product with a meal or use it to complement your low sodium diet plan, Santa Lucia is here for you. Order now from Rye Beverage – your local St. Lucia supplier.