Ugly Distributor

Imperial India is your Ugly Distributor


Don’t be fooled by the name of this brand, because Ugly tastes oh-so-good in the mouth. Together with its radical style of branding, Ugly delivers a flavorful and refreshing drinking experience to everyone, all without the presence of sugar and calories. Imperial India is your Ugly distributor in New York and Connecticut.

Ugly currently offers three awesome flavors that include lemon lime, cherry, and peach, all of which are packed in a 355mL can with a bright blue backdrop and a graffiti-like logo. Looking to try out every flavor of this beverage? As a local Ugly wholesaler, we can help you out with that.

With zero traces of sugar, sweeteners, calories, and anything artificial, Ugly can be considered as a beverage that is wonderful for your body. Even with the absence of sugar and artificial sweeteners, Ugly is still capable of delighting all kinds of taste buds due to the 100% natural flavoring found in each can. Stock up now with this beverage by ordering from us – your local Ugly supplier.