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Vintage Seltzer


The Vintage brand is known for their wide variety of beverage products, including naturally flavored seltzers, sparkling waters, and traditional mixers. Vintage Seltzers are well loved by consumers all across the United States. In fact, Vintage Seltzer is the number one seltzer brand in the New York metro area. As your reliable Vintage Seltzer distributor, Vintage Seltzer products are available here in Imperial India.

The current lineup of products by Vintage, such as Vintage Sparkling Water, Vintage Seltzers, and Vintage Mixers, don’t contain a single trace of sugar, sweeteners, and artificial flavors but are still incredibly delicious. It’s surprising that Vintage managed to create a delicious fruity product by using natural flavors alone. Want to try out Vintage’s naturally flavored seltzers? Order from us, your local Vintage Seltzer wholesaler.

The naturally flavored Vintage Seltzer comes in a number of fruity flavors, including mandarin orange, lemon lime, pomegranate, raspberry, and so much more. Vintage also releases limited-edition products that last for an entire season. Imperial India is your Vintage Seltzer supplier. No matter what flavor you’re looking to give a try, we can get them and then deliver everything right to your doorstep.