3 Major Beverage Categories and Their Qualities That Make Them a Great Match for Food

Beverages are a blessing to every human being in this world, as their presence gives us the luxury of cleansing our palates, delighting our taste buds, or quenching our thirsts through the consumption of enhanced liquids. The fact that both the local and global beverage industry offers an expansive number of beverage types for every consumer to enjoy is absolutely amazing.

Can you imagine living in a world without Coca-Cola? As a beverage distributor operating in New York and Connecticut, we couldn’t even fathom the idea of existing in a world without the world’s most popular soft drink because our clients love it so much! How about in a world where drinking bottled water wasn’t even invented? The world would definitely seem very odd and boring if we solely relied on drinking tap water to refresh us after a workout or to wash off the taste of a good meal.

The thing is, the existence of the several beverage categories we currently have are great for everyone – from the companies producing them to the people consuming the products. For consumers, especially to food lovers, the variation is absolutely wonderful because it gives them the flexibility to pair almost any type of meal or dish with any beverage of their choice! But what exactly are the beverage categories that are highly regarded in the worlds of formal and informal dining? Let’s talk about them here and give a little bit of detail about their qualities that make them a great match for food.

1. Carbonated Soft Drinks

Carbonated soft drinks, no matter the brand, have one thing in common – fizziness. While their flavors, colors, and appearances may vary, they all stay fizzy just the same. And with the fizzy goodness of carbonated soft drinks, they are the type of beverage that’s versatile enough to be paired with almost all kinds of dishes. But if you want to get the best possible dining experience with a carbonated beverage, just remember this: the lighter/heavier the meal is, the lighter/heavier the soft drink should be. As your beverage wholesaler, we carry a range of carbonated beverage products coming from different brands.

2. Bottled Water

Bottled Water

You may be thinking that it’s unnecessary for bottled water brands to have their ideal meal pairings because they are tasteless, but that’s wrong. In fact, other than sparkling water, premium bottled water brands are highly sought after in the global fine dining scene due to their crisp taste and smooth mouthfeel. Sophisticated diners prefer to enjoy each course alongside a glass of wine or a bottle of premium bottled water because of the capability of both to complement the flavors of various dishes and cleanse the palates of any mouth.

3. Beer

This alcoholic beverage can not only get you drunk, but it can also enhance your dining experience to the highest level. With beer’s complexity of flavors and its ability to interact with a wide range of food tastes, there is no doubt why it’s a great match for almost any type of food. There are two types of beer – mainstream and craft. Craft brews are the ones more suited for food pairings due to the fact that they offer more flavor, aroma, appearance, and mouthfeel variations compared to the limitedness in mainstream beers. There’s even a beer and food pairing guide that you can use to help maximize your dining experience to the fullest.

Whether for fine or casual dining, the 3 popular beverage categories mentioned above have their own distinctive and exceptional qualities that give them the versatility to work well with almost any kind of food. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which particular type of beverage suits the occasion and your palates better. Ready to order one or more of these beverage types? Imperial India is your new york city beverage supplier here in Connecticut/New York.