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4 Major Reasons Why Sodas Are a Staple in Our Society

According to an article published in World Atlas, as of 2017, the United States of America ranked second in the list of countries with high levels of soda consumption. This is not surprising at all, mostly because soft drinks are flavorful and refreshing beverages that suit almost any type of happening. Whether we are eating a casual meal, having an elegant dinner, sitting in front of the couch, celebrating an occasion with friends, playing computer games, or doing anything else – sodas fit perfectly well.

But what exactly are the reasons why sodas are such a big deal to us Americans? Let’s talk about each of them in here. Once you’re done reading this short yet detailed article, then perhaps you would like to order popular or new soft drink brands from a new york city soda distributor like us.

1. They are delicious!

It’s a well-known fact that soft drinks are refreshingly delicious. Anyone who has tasted a soda at least once in their lifetime can easily attest to this. Their amazing flavor, bubbliness and other qualities can be attributed to their ingredients, which vary depending on the company or soda type.

The most popular soft drinks usually contain the following: sweeteners, flavorings, caffeine, carbonated water, and other ingredients. The ones that are primarily responsible for giving sodas their exceptional taste are, of course, the flavorings and sweeteners added to them, with caffeine also helping these beverages become addictive. But studies also show that the carbonation in sodas is also another key reason why we humans just can’t seem to get enough of it.

2. They are available virtually anywhere.

No matter where you go – whether it’s at a fast-food restaurant, a local convenience store, a popular supermarket, a vending machine, a school cafeteria, or a remote diner – there’s an extremely large chance that sodas are readily sold there, because there’s also a huge possibility that a customer of theirs would come looking for it. I mean, with the steady popularity of sodas, it totally makes sense why this type of beverage is so ubiquitous in our society. Even soda wholesalers are taking advantage of the whole carbonated beverage craze by providing the masses with their favorite soft drink brands.

3. They are aggressively marketed.

The soft drink industry’s biggest players spend over billions of dollars a year on promotions and advertisements, which is the reason why we regularly see the commercials of popular soda brands on a daily basis. From towering billboards beside the road, to television commercials in between our favorite TV programs, sodas are basically marketed everywhere. And because of how vigorously promoted our favorite soda brands are, there are times when we just couldn’t avoid to have a catchy line or song in the commercial stuck in our heads for days, months, or even years!

4. They are very convenient to consume.

When it comes to food, beverages, and other commodities, we consumers have the tendency to buy the most delicious, high quality, or convenient ones. Yes, convenience matters a lot to us humans. In fact, even a few instances of inconvenience could turn us away from a particular product completely. Large companies and new york city soda suppliers are pretty much aware of the importance of making their products more convenient to consumers. Whether it’s a bottled or canned variant, sodas offer a level of convenience that creates a smooth drinking experience to consumers.