A Brilliant Sparkling Water Brand Called Found

When you saw the title, you’re probably thinking that I forgot to add in a few more words between ‘called’ and ‘found’, or that I made a small typo to make it seem incomprehensible.

Well, neither are correct. Found is just the actual name of this relatively new sparkling water brand we’re going to talk about.

If you’re fond of beverages, then perhaps you’re familiar with sparkling water drinks, which are considered by some as a safer alternative to sugary sodas.

Though sparkling water products in general lack the flavorful punch and strong fizziness that your favorite sugary soft drinks have, they make up for their deficiencies by adding different sets of ingredients to come up with entirely unique flavors. That is why the sparkling water category is littered with various products that have traditional and unusual flavors alike.

While sparkling water beverages are generally much safer to drink, not all brands are committed to using natural ingredients for their products. Some of them even use a combination of the two just to be safe, fearing that going all-natural would cause their products to fall short in the flavor department.

Because of the presence of artificial elements in such beverages, you can’t confidently say that this type of sparkling water products are truly better and safer than sugary sodas.

In the case of Found, the brand takes pride in exclusively using natural ingredients for their products. In fact, they refer to their products as ‘Naturally Sparkling Refreshments’ on their website.

But how natural are they?

The water in every bottle of Found is naturally sparkling mineral water sourced from their very own rich mineral water spring that has naturally occurring hydrogen carbonates, meaning that the carbonation is natural.

The water source is also full of natural minerals that include calcium, magnesium, bicarbonate, nitrate, and sodium, among others – which means that Found products boast a natural mineral composition. Every natural phase that the water undergoes gives Found sparkling waters the right amount of sparkle and taste.

To add flavor to their naturally carbonated water, Found sources the finest natural extracts and aromas from all over the world and uses them as ingredients. For example: For Found’s lemon flavor, they use lemons that are harvested from a lemon orchard in Tuscany, Italy, which adds a certain level of Italian charm and authenticity to every delectable sip.

The final product? An all-natural beverage that contains high-quality natural ingredients, packs the right amount of bubbliness, and boasts a distinctively delicious taste.

As of writing, the current product lineup of Found includes elderflower, lemon, cucumber mint, and watermelon basil flavors. If you want to try them out, you can order today from Found distributor Imperial India.

From their commitment to using all-natural ingredients, to their creativity with the flavoring of their products, I can confidently say that Found is certainly a brilliant sparkling water brand. Can you?