A Detailed Look on Santa Lucia Natural Mineral Water Products

Because of the fact that there are countless of natural mineral water brands that are floating around the scene today, it can sometimes get too difficult to remember the ones that are not sitting pretty at the top. While that’s just how the competition in the beverage industry works, which has always been really competitive ever since it began, it’s just saddening that some brands get left out of the spotlight, such as Santa Lucia.

Santa Lucia is a line of still and sparkling natural mineral water products that is manufactured and produced by a company in Italy. It is sourced and bottled 3,000 feet above sea level in the Appennini Mountains of Northern Italy. The brand has a fairly limited popularity in the United States, but that didn’t prevent it from impressing the intricate palates of restaurant patrons around the country, particularly in New York City.

Let us take a deeper look at Santa Lucia’s two major products.

Santa Lucia Sparkling Natural Spring Water

Stored in either a green glass or plastic PET bottle with a sky blue label bearing the brand’s name, Santa Lucia Sparkling Natural Spring Water has one-of-a-kind qualities and mineral properties that it acquired from its unique source. This naturally carbonated drink contains high amounts of tart and carbonation, giving it a natural mineral odor that is pleasant on the nose. When it comes to its taste, Santa Lucia Sparkling Natural Spring Water doesn’t disappoint, as it possesses a moderately acidic flavor with an earthy aftertaste.

All in all, this product’s lovely effervescence, distinctive flavor, and balanced mineral contents make it the perfect companion for a tasty snack or meal, and also the ideal drink for individuals who have low sodium diets.

Santa Lucia Still Natural Spring Water
While this product isn’t as exciting in the mouth like its naturally carbonated counterpart, Santa Lucia Still Natural Spring Water has the same level of excellence that is worthy of our praise and attention. The water is as clear as a crystal and gives off a refreshing, clean odor. And despite being a still water drink, this product has a smooth, mildly acidic taste because of the quality of the water in its source. If you’re looking for a clean type of refreshment with a unique taste, then this one is for you.

Just like the brand’s carbonated product, Santa Lucia Still Natural Spring Water is also ideal for individuals who are following a low sodium diet since it only contains small amounts of sodium. And by basing on its taste and mouthfeel, it is also a great idea to pair it with a snack or meal, or you can just drink it for no major reason at all if you’re feeling fancy.

Where to get Santa Lucia products

Now that you know about the brand’s two products, then perhaps you’re interested in ordering them today. After all, both are great products with amazing qualities and elegant packaging. If you want to order Santa Lucia products for your business or personal use, you can do so by reaching out to St. Lucia distributor Imperial India. We are one of the most reliable beverage suppliers in New York and Connecticut.