Acqua Panna and San Pellegrino Distributor

These Bottled Water Brands Are Staples in the Industry

Imperial India is your Acqua Panna and San Pellegrino Distributor

Mineral water is an ever growing taste around the world with carbonated water sales having increased an impressive 10% in 2014 alone. And with plenty of unique benefits, what’s not to love about this sophisticated and timeless alternative? Brands like San Pellegrino and Acqua Panna are staples in the mineral water industry, having withstood the test of time and found prolific popularity in the fine dining world.

There are San Pellegrino distributor on 5 continents and the demand is a modern projection of the sentiment surrounding the waters the early 1900’s, when the San Pellegrino Terme springs were a source for resorts, spas, and casinos for the town of the same name in Italy. The water was originally marketed as a cure all or a preventative measure against certain ailments. Today, it still holds that same reverence and is well-received from San Pellegrino wholesalers as a bright refreshment for those looking to supplement their diets at home.

Italy is no stranger to sensational spring waters, having also been home to the Villa Panna where the source for the Acqua Panna still mineral waters was found. There are Acqua Panna distributor in 120 countries, and they are part of the company network that is owned by San Pellegrino S.p.A.. The self-proclaimed water of art and culture, it was coveted by Florentine courts and Renaissance patrons long before it came to be the fundamental of fine dining that it is today.

As successful as both beverages have been independently, they have garnered a reputation as an essential high class dining pair. For the livelihood of both San Pellegrino wholesalers and Acqua Panna wholesalers the continued interest of these drinks at restaurants around the world is key, just as the availability of the drinks themselves helps to distinguish these establishments. These brands have become synonymous with refinement, working together and separately to enhance the taste of gourmet foods and wines.

San Pellegrino best accompanies full-bodied wines, with it’s carbonation and clear, delicate zing pulling the best flavor from the wine when sipped side by side. For a wine that needs a refreshing Spritzer upgrade for the summer, San Pellegrino can give it a crisp adjustment with bubbles that are lighter and more gentle than any other sparkling water. And for food that is rich and bold this sensational drink can be your transformative guide through a complexity of flavors. Acqua Panna, on the other hand, is a wonderfully soft and velvety pairing for strong wines, preserving the essence of the wine while offsetting the high alcohol content. The feathery velour complements light, natural, fresh flavors.

Luckily, both of these enchanting drinks are available from San Pellegrino suppliers and Acqua Panna suppliers, both in stores and online. So if you are looking to enhance your diet and your tastes you don’t have go any further than your own kitchen. Each beverage is as unique and significant as the other and will continue to be the name in natural mineral waters. They share a strong history of immaculacy, a reputation of distinction, and an affinity for finery, flowing as intensely through the heart of excellence as they do through the Apennines and the Alps.