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Agua de Piedra: The Fine Dining Water from Mexico

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The global fine dining scene has steadily been growing as the years go by. Its vigorous growth can be attributed to how interesting it can be for everyone participating, mostly because in fine dining there are many ways you can enjoy everything that it has to offer.

One of the best things in fine dining is how you can pair any type of food with brilliant beverages, like premium mineral water and wine, which can either enhance or complement the flavors of a wide selection of sumptuous meals. Eating a mouthwatering meal and being able to top it off with an exceptionally made beverage is absolutely one of the best parts in fine dining.

The fine dining experience itself is truly pleasurable and rewarding, which makes it easy to see why many people, despite the expensive nature of fine dining, are continuously patronizing the scene.

Currently, there are two bottled water brands that are dominating the world of fine dining, both of which are widely regarded as “the fine dining waters” due to their fine taste and incredible qualities. But there is no doubt that other premium water brands will soon contest the two and dethrone them as the water kings of the global fine dining scene.

Agua de Piedra, a premium mineral water brand hailing from Mexico, is a worthy adversary for the two leading water brands in fine dining. While its origins may not sound as appealing as the origins of the fine dining waters from Europe, its thirst-quenching properties, unique flavor and vintage design are absolutely impressive.

The natural mineral water in every bottle of Agua de Piedra is derived from the Huasteca basin in Monterrey, Mexico. The geological formations of the basin act as natural filters that give the water its famously unique flavor and exceptional mineral properties.

Agua de Piedra is currently available in carbonated and non-carbonated variants. The carbonated Agua de Piedra variant packs a one-of-a-kind taste and a nice, zestful mouthfeel. Apart from being a beverage that tastes good and feels good in the mouth, the carbonated version of Agua de Piedra is also fairly nutritious because it contains good levels of sodium, calcium, magnesium, and bicarbonate.

But is Agua de Piedra really capable of generating some buzz in the world of fine dining? The answer to that question is a huge YES. The right amount of carbonation and minerals in Agua de Piedra, along with its uniquely refreshing taste, are all considered as remarkable qualities in fine dining. The brand itself is popular in Mexico and is known in many countries worldwide, but it has yet to be on the same level as the two leading fine dining waters. Soon it will, though.

Agua de Piedra’s flavor and mineral content, particularly of its carbonated variant, make it best paired with dishes that have a strong character. That’s just its best type of food pairing based on its qualities, but it also works wonderfully alongside any kind of food you pair it with. Other than that, it’s also versatile enough that it can be used as an ingredient for alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails.

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