Badoit: This French Sparkling Water Deserves More Worldwide Attention

If you ask upscale diners in France what their favorite sparkling natural mineral water brand is, they’ll answer either Badoit or Perrier. After all, both are considered as flagship brands by the industry and as the two major sparkling brands in the country, so their massive popularity in the country is rightfully deserved.

In fine dining scenes around the world, however, Perrier is more recognized compared to Badoit. If you’re interested in learning about the exact figures, Perrier is sold in over 100 countries worldwide, while Badoit is still in the process of growing its international presence and is sold in around 30 countries.

We won’t be going through the reasons why Perrier is more popular around the world than Badoit. Instead, we’ll be focusing on why the latter deserves more worldwide attention.

Let us begin by talking about Badoit’s source and taste.

According to the brand’s website, Badoit is derived from natural sources beneath France’s Saint-Galmier, a small spa town with pristine underground waters. What’s interesting about Badoit is the water in it is naturally carbonated, which it gets from its long journey through subterranean gas deposits and granite rocks. Some people don’t care about where the water they are drinking came from, but it matters for people who are into fine dining.

The water in Badoit becomes naturally carbonated from the journey it undergoes through several mineralogical strata, which is where it also acquires its unique mineral properties and fine effervescence. This product is loaded with calcium, magnesium, fluoride, and bicarbonates (known for aiding digestion).

Now, the thing about sparkling water products with high mineral content is that they tend to have a strong or moderate taste that stands out in the mouth. But Badoit is the exact opposite as it boasts a very light taste that some people prefer more. Other than that, the bubbles in this product are so fine and small that they add a nice structure to the water and act as the perfect complementary piece to its soft taste.

I think that we’ve covered what’s inside Badoit enough, so let us now proceed to its packaging. Badoit is stored in glass and plastic bottles that exude elegance and luxury. The product’s graceful packaging makes it suitable to fit the theme and atmosphere in several upscale hotels and dining establishments around the world, as it helps add a bonus touch of sophistication in every meal and table.

When it comes to variation, Badoit is not one to be left behind. The brand currently boasts an original sparkling version, a bold sparkling version (comes in a fancy red bottle), and a range of flavored variants. The brand’s flavored products come in five delicate flavors: mint leaf, lemon, and lime, as well as raspberry and passion fruit – each of which is sugar free.

For a sparkling water product that has everything from an amazing natural source to a perfect taste to elegant packaging to a range of incredible variants, Badoit really does deserve more attention around the world.

But it’s all good though, because as each year passes the product continuously grows and gets sold in more restaurants and establishments throughout the world. You can even buy it directly from Badoit distributor and have it shipped straight to your doorstep.