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How Boxed Water is Helping Heal Our Planet

Imperial India is your Boxed Water Distributor

It is a difficult world for the environmentally minded consumer. The number of times I have come home from home from a shopping trip with only one or two items and had almost half a bag of garbage. Wasteful packaging is a nuisance for earth lovers and its almost impossible to avoid. I recycle as much as I can but when it feels like companies aren’t pulling their weight, it can be really disheartening.

That is why Boxed Water was such a refreshing change of pace and why its something I am always really excited to talk about with my friends. Just the recyclable paper packaging would be enough to make me skeptical, I am generally for using less paper products over more. But a little research quickly put me in my place.

Turns out that Boxed Water and boxed water distributor, such as Imperial India, minimize their carbon footprint rather substantially. They can ship the same amount of packaging in one truck that a plastic bottle producer can do with 24. Unlike with plastic bottles, the paper packaging of Boxed Water can be shipped flat. Flat packaging means more packages per truck and less trucks needed overall. Boxed water also carefully chooses the location of their filling centers to maximize efficiency and minimize the time their trucks spend on the road.   It is easy to see how having less trucks on the road makes more economic sense at the cost of little more paper packaging.

To top it all off Boxed Water packaging only use paper from carefully managed forests that are harvested and replanted responsibly. And with their ReTree program, Boxed Water has also planted over 600,000 trees in our beautiful national forests. This company didn’t only put my concerns to rest, they have truly gone the extra mile to help our earth.

If need help looking for Boxed Water in your local area, the company website can help you find your nearest boxed water supplier as well as provide a lot more interesting information about the company and its preservation efforts.

I was also happy to hear that Boxed Water’s packaging wasn’t its only selling point. They treat their water with a rigorous 8 step filtration process to remove as many impurities and excess minerals as possible. Going through this process also means that the water that Boxed Water provides is very close to having a completely neutral PH score.

If your local stores don’t offer Boxed Water then you should encourage them to reach out to a boxed water wholesaler, or feel encouraged to reach out yourself. Making sure that customers have environmentally friendly options is something all businesses should make an effort towards. Business owners live on this planet too, after all, and the environmentally conscientious need to make sure that our voices are heard. Like I said before, it may be difficult to be environmentally minded consumer, but if little by little we can convinces businesses to do their part and to make direct preservation a priority, then we can take pride knowing we did our part in saving our earth together.