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BRWD Refreshing Energy Drink: A Responsible Kind of Energy Drink

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To all of the energy drink lovers out there, prepare to be amazed because there’s a new kind of energy drink in town – BRWD Refreshing Energy Drink. Don’t be fooled into thinking that this brand is a coffee product because of its name and appearance, as BRWD is a legitimate energy drink that is capable of delivering the zest you’re looking for.

The energy drink category is brimming with traditional energy drinks that contain different types of ingredients, including ones that can be potentially harmful to your health. With BRWD Refreshing Energy Drink, you will be able to enjoy everything that you love about energy drinks – all while not being worried that you’re harming your body.

Made with a variety of naturally sourced ingredients, including barley malt extract, this upstart brand is here to provide you with not only energy and brain stimulation – but also refreshment and flavor. While it’s a given that consuming an energy drink will make you feel alert and active, what’s special about BRWD is that it does those while being refreshing and palatable at the same time. In short, this beverage offers a little bit of something for your mind, body and taste buds!

But how does an energy drink brand such as BRWD manage to be so delicious, replenishing and energizing all at the same time? It’s because of one key ingredient: barley malt extract. This ingredient is often marketed as a natural sweetener and is traditionally used in beer brewing. Apart from those, barley malt extract is also known for its refreshing and soothing properties. Because of this amazing ingredient, each can of BRWD is guaranteed to be flavorful, refreshing, and energizing.

So, other than barley malt extract, what exactly are the other ingredients of BRWD that make it a responsible kind of energy drink? Let’s discuss some of them in here.

BRWD is currently available in Citrus + Ginger and Cherry + Rhubarb flavors, both of which are stored in a slim 12oz (355 ml) can. The ingredients of both variants are naturally sourced caffeine, extracts, and fruit concentrates, with no traces of any artificial sweetener. In other words, all BRWD products are predominantly natural, making it a kind of energy drink that is much safer to consume than the ones that are traditionally made.

If you want to get energized in a natural and responsible way, then drinking BRWD Refreshing Energy Drink is the way to go. And with two interesting flavors to choose from, BRWD is not only going to keep you alert and active, but is also going to awaken your unassuming taste buds. Don’t believe me? Then give it a try yourself! If you want to give this upstart beverage a go, you can do so by ordering directly from us – your local BRWD distributor.