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Here’s Why You’re Consuming Fewer Calories with Coke

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Sweet tooth? How about sweet teeth? After all, there’s definitely more than one!

I confess! I had more than a thing for sweets and used to feel a tad bit incomplete without it. Fortunately, those days are gone. There’s so much said and heard about sugar that you just can’t play ignorant to its detrimental consequences anymore.

This change isn’t restricted to me alone. Fortunately, cutting back on sugar doesn’t necessarily have to translate to compromising on taste. Although slow, the world is finally opening up to healthier ways of living and so food companies are taking more responsibility over what they serve on our plate.

Companies that actively use sugar as an ingredient in their products are in their own way inching towards healthier and more nutritional alternatives.Coca-Cola is one such example. To begin with, the beverage giant introduced great-tasting zero-sugar drink alternatives that contain absolutely no sugar at all. Then, they consciously removed sugar from some of their leading soft drinks too.

For over a decade now, Coca-Cola has been consistently exploring healthier options and fine-tuning their recipes so as to offer uslower and no-sugar alternatives to our favorite drinks. Yes, you heard me right. You can now enjoy your favorite drink without its sugar.

Well, that’s not all! Having explored plenty of natural alternatives to sugar, they’ve now perfected ways to create great-tasting drinks with little or no sugar. They’re over 80 different drinks that can leave you feeling satisfied and guilt free and they’re all equally delicious sugar-free alternatives to some of the most popular sparkling soft drinks, including Coke, Sprite, Dr Pepper, Fanta and Lilt. What’s more, you can now sip on a can of Coca Cola Zero sugar which tastes and looks quite like the classic drink, but is minus the extra sugar and unwanted calories. Now, for someone who’s got a thing for drinking bubbling water, that’s a big YAY!

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You see, having a sweet tooth doesn’t always have to be bad for you- provided you make smart choices and consume drinks that are low on sugar. So go on, contact Coke Wholesaler and enjoy your guilt-free can of coke.

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