Cold Brewtus: One of Cold Brew Coffee’s Finest

When talking about coffee and its different variants, some people who are not that familiar with this caffeinated beverage mistakenly think that cold brew coffee and iced coffee are the same, while there are some who don’t even know that there’s such a thing as cold-brewed coffee.

If you are one of the two, let’s talk a little bit about cold brew coffee’s history and find out its difference with iced coffee. Who knows, maybe you’ll be able to use this little bit of knowledge to impress your coffee-loving friends in the future.

While cold brew coffee may seem like a new style of coffee to us here in the United States because it has only been popular for around a decade, it hardly is one. Early records showed that the Japanese in Kyoto, Japan were brewing coffee using cold water in the 1600s. And experts speculate that the Japanese folk may have probably learned about this particular brewing method from Dutch traders.

Now what exactly is the difference between iced coffee and cold brew coffee? Iced coffee is basically watered down hot coffee that has been cooled and is later on packaged in a keg, a can, or a bottle, which means that it is prone to keeping the unpleasant flavors and qualities that are prevalent in hot coffee, specifically its bitterness and acidity.

With cold brew coffee, the entire process of making and brewing coffee is completely different. And since this blog post is a feature about Cold Brewtus, we will be using their process as an example.

According to their website, the company begins by roasting fresh coffee, grinding it, and letting it settle in cold water for up to 24 hours. This cold brewing process, they say, allows the beans to release a smoother flavor that is still pretty much loaded with caffeine. The final product is incredibly smooth and delicious coffee that is less acidic and bitter compared to hot or iced coffee – and looks like stout beer if poured in a cup.

Cold Brewtus currently offers two types of products: NitroBrew and StraightBrew, both of which also feature their own subtypes, namely NitroCans and NitroKegs for NitroBrew – and Stubby Bottles and BrewBags for StraightBrew. You can buy some of these products (NitroCans) from us, because Imperial India is your local Cold Brewtus distributor.

NitroCans is Cold Brewtus’ own version of nitro cold brew coffee, which is a kind of coffee infused with nitrogen gas that features a subtle creamy mouthfeel, a velvety foam head, and a distinctive flavor. Because of all its exceptional attributes as a new and unique kind of coffee, drinking NitroCans is the ideal way for you to get your much-needed caffeine fix every single day. And despite having a different brewing process, Cold Brewtus’ cold brew coffee products are as healthy as the hot kind.

For a caffeinated beverage that is commonly known for keeping people awake, coffee is also capable of providing positive health effects to us humans. And with the recent trend of brewing cold brew coffee products, both casual coffee drinkers and dedicated coffee lovers are truly blessed to have something like Cold Brewtus that not only works wonderfully caffeine-wise, but also tastes and feels better in the mouth than regular coffee.