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CORE Water: Rehydrating to the Core!

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Over the years, the bottled water industry is continuously being shaken up by the emergence of numerous high-end bottled water brands that offer ‘functional’ water products. In fact, about 1/10 of the bottled water industry is made up of functional water companies.

If you don’t know that much about bottled water products, then you’re probably surprised to know that there’s such a thing called functional water that exists. But what does it do exactly? What makes it so special compared to regular drinking water?

Well, functional water is a type of water enhanced by supplemental ingredients, allowing it to offer additional health and functional benefits to anyone who consumes it. As consumers are starting to shift to healthier and safer beverage alternatives such as water, the functional water market grows rapidly.

While there are currently a lot of premium bottled water brands in the industry, one of the biggest names in it is CORE Water, a premium, functional bottled water that is widely known for its exceptional purity and incredible hydration prowess. Apart from that, CORE Water also possesses a range of cool and convenient attributes that make it easy for anyone to understand why it is at the forefront of the bottled water industry.

You’re probably wondering how a functional bottled water brand like CORE Water manages to be super amazing, so we’ll go into detail about that right now. First of all, CORE Water gets its ultra-purified quality from the 7-stage purification process that it undergoes. The average number of water treatment steps that most bottled water companies have is between 4 and 12. CORE Water only has 7 steps, but that doesn’t take away anything from its superior hydration capabilities and clean, pure taste.

In addition to the meticulous purification process that CORE Water undergoes, the company also adds in the right amount of minerals and electrolytes to their drinking water so that it can perfectly complement the human body’s natural pH balance. For the uninitiated, maintaining a natural pH balance in your body is very important because it helps you perform better and keeps you away from a range of sicknesses. Aside from that, CORE Water is completely free of chlorine, arsenic, MTBE, fluoride, and chromium-6.

Now that we’re done explaining what’s inside a bottle of CORE Water, you’re probably thinking that we’re finished talking about this amazing product. But we’re not finished yet, because we have yet to discuss what’s on the outside – the brilliant packaging.

CORE Water comes in 5 different sizes, all of which are conveniently easy to hold, 100% recyclable, and stylishly designed. But wait, there’s more. The easy-to-hold, stylish-looking bottle of CORE Water also features a wide mouth opening AND a cup cap that you can use for yourself or for sharing with your buddies. Pretty amazing, right?

For an ultra-purified functional water that contains a balanced amount of minerals and electrolytes, there’s no doubt why CORE Water is highly regarded in the global bottled water industry. From being able to provide better hydration, to having a nicely designed packaging, CORE Water is absolutely incredible.

Interested in getting this refreshing product? Imperial India is your local CORE Water distributor. You can order here on our website, or you can simply just give us a call. Once your order has been processed, you can expect that your CORE Water orders will be delivered to your doorstep in a timely manner.