Bottled Water

Drinking Bottled Water for Everyone to Enjoy!

Water is without a doubt the number one refreshment option of people throughout the entire world. Most of the time, whenever someone becomes thirsty or feels exhausted, the very first beverage they come looking for is cold water, not sugary sodas or juice drinks. Our company, Imperial India, decided to become a NYC water distributor because we wanted to serve the refreshment needs of our clients in New York and Connecticut and provide them with whichever brand of bottled water they would like.

Why cold water? This is because colder water has the tendency to stimulate the nerves on the roof of your mouth and causes you to feel it more – and your body frequently associates cool liquids to be fresher than warm water, making it taste better and feel more refreshing. Whereas sodas and other sugary beverages are likely to dehydrate you more because they typically contain sugar and caffeine, both of which are ingredients that don’t replace any of the fluids you lose when sweating. Apart from providing refreshment and rehydration, drinking water is also linked to a number of science-based health benefits.

Here in the US, every state has a water system that provides clean, drinkable water to everyone. While the water system in each state is far from being faultless, the tap water available in most US cities is perfectly fine and safe to drink. And while tap water is a good source of refreshment and is somewhat free of charge, it doesn’t have the same level of quality as bottled water brands, most of which use state-of-the-art filtration systems, follow stricter quality control processes, and have excellent sources where they derive their water from.

Nowadays, most drinking bottled water products from different brands are packed in either glass or plastic bottles of various sizes, and are sold in prices ranging from less than a dollar to upwards of a hundred dollars. Each of these bottled water brands have varying pH levels, purification processes, mineral contents, purity levels, and packaging – all of which are factors that determine the quality of their products and how much they are sold.

Bottled Water

Imperial India is a water wholesaler that carries a wide selection of products from various drinking bottled water brands. Whether you are looking for drinking water that can rehydrate you after a workout, cleanse your palates following a fine meal, or enjoy on any other activity you could think of, you can select from the many quality products we have in our extensive inventory.

Determining which one is the best bottled water brand is kind of difficult, as each brand has their own set of amazing qualities that make them worthy of being classified as an excellent kind of drinking water. Also, it would be unfair to the other brands that are designed to cater to a specific type of people because even though they aren’t as popular as the others, they are highly regarded by industry experts and the audience they are catering to. Because of this, we decided that as a new york city water supplier we should to stock up on several bottled water products from different brands to ensure that our clients have access to many bottled water brands of different calibers, ranging from average-priced to premium.