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Taking The Positives From Alkaline Water

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Is the “L” in essential essential? Obviously, otherwise it becomes essentia and would mean nothing; at least until a few years ago. This little play on words was used by the company behind Essentia Water, a “supercharged ionized alkaline water that’s better at rehydration”.

At least this is the claim of Essentia Water and the Essentia Water suppliers, but what are the benefit behind complicated sounding water we hear you ask? There are actually a few more benefits attributed to alkaline water than this company actually claim, which is very modest; we must say. We’ll break it down from the top.

The Essentials of Essentia

Essentia Water is triple purified, meaning that it’s purified using three different technique: microfiltration, reverse osmosis and ultraviolet exposure; then it has trace amounts of electrolytes added and is then ionized. We know what purified means and everyone and their aunt is familiar with electrolytes, but what does ionization do?

Alkaline Water and Ionization: The Science

When you ionize something, liquid or solid, you are “charging” it. We are focused on water here and ionizing water can have two different effects. If you positively charge your water it will become more acidic (it’s pH level will go below the neutral 7.0pH, you remember the pH scale from high school chemistry, right?) and if you negatively charge your water it becomes an alkaline water.

However, not all alkaline liquids are created equal. A negatively charged liquid can only be called alkaline if metal salts are present in the water; if they are not it’s called a “base”. Essentia Water has metal salts present -remember those added electrolytes?- so, phheeew, Essentia is an alkaline water after all.

Essentia Water: The Benefits

The main claim that the Essentia Water wholesalers make is that Essentia is more hydrating than regular water. To verify this they had an independent laboratory do a hydration study between a “leading bottled water” and Essentia water. Essentia water came out on top, meaning that rehydrating with Essentia was more effective than rehydrating with the opposition. The study was even published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition (JISSN), however, this the only study of its kind so results need to replicated to be verified.

Essentia also tout the fact that the alkaline ionization removes any acidic flavours from the water, but there are other benefits attributed to Alkaline water that fly under the radar at Essentia.

Alkaline Water: The Other Benefits of Essentia Water

Alkaline water hit the limelight a few years back thanks to the drinking habits of celebrities, you may have read about it back then but no doubt it has faded from your memory. Don’t worry though, we’re here to rehydrate your grey matter! Here’s a rundown of the benefits attributed to alkaline water, like Essentia:

  • Reduces acid reflux (heartburn). Alkaline water does this by killing pepsin, an enzyme that breaks down food proteins, a main cause of acid reflux. To do this a solution needs a pH of 8.8pH or higher and Essentia touts an impressive 9.5pH.
  • Neutralises acid in the bloodstream, resulting in an increase in oxygen levels and improved energy metabolism; essentially making your body a more effective machine.
  • Antioxidant properties, which includes the all popular terms of anti-aging and anti-disease.
  • Cleans the colon
  • Rejuvenates the skin

Remember that these are only “attributed” to alkaline water and haven’t actually been scientifically verified.

The Bad?

There is none, at least no studies that have shown alkaline water to have a negative effect on the body. So if you’re now feeling that Essentia might be essential get onto their website and use their search function find an Essentia Water distributor near you!