Essential Kitchen Equipment

Essential Kitchen Equipment and Supplies for Restaurants

Planning to open up a restaurant soon? There are plenty of things to worry about before carrying on with your plan, such as the location of your business, the contents of your menu, the concept of your restaurant, etc. These factors, along with several other stuff, should be thought about carefully if you want your business to succeed.

As the heart of your restaurant, the kitchen plays a vital role in the overall success of your venture, so equipping it with the right equipment is of absolute importance. Assuming that everything previously mentioned has already been covered, and the only thing you’re worrying about right now is what to put inside your professional kitchen, here’s a list of essential kitchen supplies and equipment that will surely help you out in that aspect.

1. Cooking Equipment

This includes commercial ranges and burners, fryers, steamers, pasta cookers, ovens, and microwaves, among others. Your kitchen needs to be equipped with the best type of equipment in order for it to remain functional for a long time, so remember to prioritize getting commercial grade cooking equipment as much as you can. You can purchase high-standard cooking equipment from Manhattan Restaurant Kitchen Supply.

2. Refrigeration Equipment

This includes reach-in and walk-in refrigerators and freezers, commercial blast chillers, storage freezers, and so much more. Since the kitchen needs a place to safely store food, drinks, and ingredients, it’s kind of obvious why refrigeration equipment is essential to your restaurant. Reach-in refrigerators and freezers are a good choice if your restaurant is not that big and you only need a moderate amount of storage space, while walk-in refrigeration equipment is ideal if you need a lot of cold storage space.

3. Food Holding and Warming Equipment

This includes holding and proofing cabinets, strip warmers, heat lamps, and cook and hold ovens, among others. If you think that this is not important, think again. Food holding and warming equipment is essential because they keep cooked food at an ideal temperature until they are ready to be served to your guests. After all, nobody wants to eat cold or warm food in a restaurant. It just ruins the overall dining experience.

4. Food Preparation Equipment

This includes commercial mixers, meat slicers, food processors, blenders, fruit/vegetable cutters, food mills, food dehydrators, meat presses, and so much more. Food preparation equipment is helpful in cutting down overall preparation time, meaning that guests will receive their orders in a timely and efficient manner. Get your food preparation equipment now at NYC Restaurant Kitchen Supply.

5. Beverage Equipment

This includes coffee makers/brewers, hot chocolate dispensers, cold and frozen beverage dispensers, and milkshake machines, among others. Other than the ready-to-drink beverages you store in your refrigerators, it’s important to have beverage equipment since they enable you to offer specialty drinks to your guests. The wants and needs of every individual vary, so it’s better to give them plenty of beverage options for their guaranteed satisfaction.

6. Smallware & Miscellaneous Supplies

This includes frying pans, cast iron griddles, sauce pans, double boilers, sauce pots, paella pans, cake pans, cutting boards, strainers, pail openers, kitchen timers, food wrap cutters, and so much more. If you want your kitchen staff to be able to perform their jobs to the highest level, then be sure to give them all of the necessary smallware and supplies they need to provide your customers with impeccable food and service. You can get smallware and miscellaneous supplies from Bowery Restaurant Kitchen Supply.