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Gatorade-The Fuel for Champions

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If you’ve visited the Gatorade website, then you might have read the story of how Gatorade was made. Dubbed as the drink that was “born in the lab”, the beverage was created for a specific purpose-to help athletes achieve their potential.

Turns out that the researchers who helped create the drink realized athletes often fell ill after a strenuous workout. They were losing electrolytes and fluids due to exertion and weren’t replacing them enough. The result had left the athletes dehydrated and depleted of energy. The purpose of Gatorade is to replace lost electrolytes and carbohydrates while simultaneously providing overall hydration and body rejuvenation. Suddenly, athletes had a quick fix that came in the shape of a bottle- a bottle of Gatorade- that helped them recover and recover well.

So How Exactly Does Gatorade Work?

Because you lose water in the form of sweat when you exercise, it’s vital you stay hydrated post any workout or exercise. Now if you’re someone who’s got a sedentary to moderately active lifestyle, then water alone will do. After all, water is the purest and most rational form of hydration. However, if you’re a sports person or a person with a physically active lifestyle, then sports drinks such as Gatorade contain the right amount of sugar, carbohydrates, and electrolytes and can help replace some of the lost fluids in your body. Simply put the drink helps you refuel and rehydrate so as to get you back on track in quick time.

There’s a Gatorade for Everyone

Now, although the drink did start off as a sports drink, over the years, it’s being used by people of all walks of life. People with desk jobs who’re constantly looking through emails and need a sudden rush of energy to get them alive and moving, people on the move who don’t have time to sit back and enjoy their lunch in leisure, youngsters who’re out and about playing in the sun and could do with a boost of energy. From sports drinks to protein bars, powders and shakes, there’s a Gatorade for every person and every occasion.

Get Yours Today

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