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5 Reasons Why You Should Drink GTs Kombucha Tea

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There’s good reason why Kombucha drink is as popular as it is. Often dubbed the most liberal drink in America, Kombucha has become a household name. Now for the uninitiated, Kombucha- made by fermenting and sweetening tea (often black or green tea) is packed with essential nutrients that are good for the body. Here are 5 reasons you need to consider drinking this fermented drink on a regular basis.

Your body is drained of sodium and potassium levels through sweat and exercise. Kombucha drink contains a healthy quantity of calcium chloride which helps absorb minerals.  What’s more, consuming the drink regularly and especially after a workout session can help your body maintain its electrolyte balance while retaining sufficient quantities of sodium and potassium that’s usually drained out post workouts.

2. It Helps Heal Muscle Cramps

Troubled by constant cramping in your muscles? Not, if you drink Kombucha drink just after experiencing the cramps. Kombucha can also be used as a re-hydrating liquid. It can help your body alleviate muscle cramps in the process.

3. It Helps Promote Good Bacteria and Aids Digestion

The gut is home to a large number of living organisms, nearly 100 trillion of them that form the all- important intestinal flora in your gut. The ideal ratio between good and bad bacteria in your gut is 85: 15, with the good bacteria outnumbering the bad ones by a huge margin. However, in conditions such as leaky gut and other intestinal diseases, there’s a constant threat from harmful bacteria. Consuming foods that are rich in probiotics is essential for the growth of good bacteria and can help maintain the ideal ratio in the system. Kombucha does precisely that. It’s fermented to probiotic perfection with raw and fresh pressed ingredients.

4. It Helps Alleviate Signs of a Bad Hangover

Bouts of nausea, raging thirst, and a splitting headache- if you’ve ever had a hangover, then you know how difficult dealing with it can be. Thankfully, Kombucha can come to your rescue.

Not only does this fermented drink mask the odour of alcohol on your breath, but it also helps replenish any reduced sodium levels in your body. Consuming Kombucha with a glass of water can help balance the electrolytes in your body and prevent the gut-wrenching sensations associated with a typical hangover.

5. It’s packed With Antioxidants

Kombucha is packed with antioxidants and electrolytes. What’s more, it is also rich in vitamin C and calcium. Rich in antioxidant properties, not only does it help prevent free-radicals from damaging your system, but it also promotes better nutrient absorption due to its high acidic content.

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Available in flavors such as sparkling probiotic cider, raw kombucha, and living Kefirs & yogurt (made out of young coconuts and premium raw vegetables), this refreshingly fermented beverage has something for everyone.

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