How Fresca Managed to Be a Crowd Favorite Since the 60s

Nowadays, the market is littered with sparkling soda lines that provide consumers with a multitude of refreshing and flavorful drink options to suit their day-to-day needs.

Though that’s the case, not all of them have enough staying power to last for a long time in America’s highly competitive beverage industry. In fact, a decent number of these sparkling soda brands have only been around for less than a decade.

For the leading companies that produce sparkling sodas, one of their keys to success is choosing the right ingredients, especially since what you put inside your product determines its taste, appearance, quality, and fizziness. Other factors such as marketing and packaging are also crucial, but there’s no denying that the ingredients they select have the power to pull in and maintain various types of consumers.

Only a handful of companies have managed to remain relevant in the beverage scene for decades, and Fresca is one of them.

Established in 1966, Fresca is a sparkling soda brand that has delighted countless of consumers with their exceptionally crafted drink products, which currently include Original Citrus, Peach Citrus, and Black Cherry Citrus flavors.

The fact that Fresca is still going strong after decades of being around is really, really impressive – mostly because there are new sparkling soda lines with fresh gimmicks that emerge every other year. But despite that, Fresca remains a crowd favorite.

But how does Fresca do it? How did they manage to maintain a healthy consumer base after all this time?

The answer is simple – flavor.

Every product under the Fresca banner has a one-of-a-kind grapefruit flavor that tastes like genuine grapefruit and is very delicious. Fresca does this by adding concentrated grape juice in all of their products. It’s like the signature taste of this popular sparkling soda brand.

Other than that, the addition of other ingredients (artificial and natural flavors) further amplifies its taste and quality, enabling it to deliver a refreshingly wonderful drinking experience to whoever consumes it. And the fizziness in Fresca is just to the right amount – not too heavy and not too flat.

In addition to everything that has been previously mentioned, every Fresca product is completely free of calories, sugar, and caffeine. Though the three are not always bad for your body, having them in a beverage you regularly consume can be very problematic for your health in the long run.

But since Fresca is a no-sugar, no-calorie, and no-caffeine type of beverage, various types of consumers can freely enjoy everything about this fine drink – all without feeling like they are slowly harming their body.

From its distinctive grapefruit flavor to its healthier qualities, it’s kind of obvious how Fresca remains as a crowd favorite for many decades. So, what’s the hold up? Order this line’s products today from Fresca distributor.