Is Fiji Water Really Earth’s Finest Water?

Throughout the course of my existence, I have tried out numerous brands of bottled water to quench my thirst, cleanse my palates, or help push food down my throat. But among all of the brands I have tried, none of them are as close to perfect as Fiji Water.

So, I asked myself the question: is Fiji Water truly earth’s finest water? Because that’s what the brand’s website says about their product. But how true is it? Let us dig deeper to find out. First of all, the location of Fiji itself is interesting, as the nearest continent is around 1,600 miles away from the island country. For being a remote Pacific island, Fiji currently possesses one of the world’s last line of virgin ecosystems.

Do you know what that means? It means that the water in the island undergoes a completely natural process. This process involves natural phases of purification and mineralization, which is followed by the collection of water in a natural artesian aquifer. After that, the water is forced towards the surface by natural pressure and then bottled right at the source.

By basing on the information mentioned above, which was gathered from the brand’s very own website, you can say that the contents of Fiji Water is as excellent as it can be, from its mineral content to its taste.

You’re probably wondering why I highlighted taste when water is generally a flavorless beverage. Well, it’s because Fiji Water boasts a prominent smooth and soft taste that you can feel with each sip. Yes, it’s still technically tasteless, but the superiority of Fiji Water’s water compared to other bottled water brands can be felt in each bottle. By the way, if you want to buy this premium bottled water brand, you can do so from Fiji Water distributor.

Fiji Water tastes amazingly good because of the unique and natural process that the water undergoes from start to end. I mentioned a few details earlier, but I need to dig deeper in order for you to understand it clearly. The water essentially starts out as tropical rain that falls down on a pristine rain forest and slowly filters through ancient volcanic rock, where it slowly gathers the natural electrolytes and minerals that are responsible for giving Fiji Water its remarkable taste and incredible ability to hydrate.

This brand of bottled water was founded in 1996 and is currently enjoying massive success around the world, where it is enjoyed in more than 60 countries, including the United States. I’m not trying to take away anything from Fiji Water’s successful marketing campaign across the globe by saying this, but I think that the brand would still have succeeded without it, mostly because of its superiority when it comes to taste and refreshment.

So, to answer the title of this blog post – I think that Fiji Water makes a solid case for being our planet’s finest water, but I can’t say straight up that it is the clear-cut best water in the world. However, I can clearly say that they have every right to brag and advertise that to everyone since their product is indeed one of the finest in the industry. Fiji Water may be more costly than other bottled water brands, but its premium price tag is definitely worth paying for.