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When a 13-Year-Old Teaches You How to Host a Party

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Last summer, I found myself hosting a party for a few friends. I had recently moved home and was excited about inviting my close friends over for drinks and dinner. The weather was glorious, the forecasts even better. And so, the idea to catch up over drinks and dinner was just right.

It had only been a few weeks since I had relocated and I was already missing my friends. I wanted to please them and show them just how much they all meant to me. And anyone who’s ever thrown a party will know that people have different tastes. Some like alcoholic beverages and some don’t.  Likewise, some prefer finger food on the side and others like meal-sized portions of authentic recipes. I knew I had to plan meticulously if I wanted this party to be a success and a memorable event for everyone to remember.

Party With Jarritos Drinks

Plan well I did.  For starters, I chose some classic finger food- cheddar cheese and pineapple on a cocktail stick, mini-sized pizzas, fried pickles, chicken and waffles, sushi, and pastry (lots of pastry). And if people still had an appetite after all the binge-eating over drinks, then I had slow-roasted chicken with lemon, peas, and beans as well as risotto with goat cheese and bacon.  As for the drinks, I decided to stick to something simple. That way, I knew I could serve quickly and serve well. So you see, I really had everything well thought of. Right from what to shop to where to shop and how to arrange and serve things on the D-day; I thought I had everything premeditated.

Only I didn’t- not everything at least.

To my horror, I soon realized that I hadn’t stocked up a particular fizzy drink- one that was an absolute favorite of my friend’s thirteen –year- old son. Turned out I wasn’t so well-planned after all. And so, desperate to get hold of a bottle of Jarritos, I called Jarritos Distributor (my trusted suppliers for all beverages) with a last-minute request.

“I have a thirteen-year-old who’s quite upset I didn’t think of his preference and the only way I can make him happy is by getting him a few bottles of Jarritos. I’ll even take a few crates if you have it,” I had said.

Fortunately, they did have a few crates and were kind enough to deliver it in super-quick time.  As you can imagine, my young guest was thrilled. And I was relieved.  Had it not been for Jarritos Supplier’s top-notch service, the young fellow would have been disappointed and I wouldn’t have been able to forgive myself.  Ask me and I’ll say that they’re your best bet for stocking up beverages. With a massive selection of water, juices, and sodas to choose from, Jarritos Wholesaler has always exceeded my expectations.

Jarritos Flavors

The drink was a huge hit, not just with Jonathan, but with everyone else on board too. And that includes me.  Having its roots in Mexico, the naturally-fruity flavored drink is a refreshing delight! Available in Mandarin, strawberry, lime, tamarind, guava, grapefruit, fruit punch, Mexican cola, pineapple, Jamaica, and mango flavors, (yes, that many), the drink offers a little something for everyone.  It is no wonder that this delightful drink has now become a regular in our circle.

Talking about parties, I think it’s about time I organize another one. I know who to call for all my beverage needs. Do you?