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A Tale of Lovely Valleys, Scenic Mountains, and LaCroix

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Nearly a year ago, I decided to go on a road trip. I love travelling. Travelling to me is more than just visiting distant places and ticking them off my bucket list. It’s about discovering new places, meeting new people, and through it all, understanding just how the world works together. It’s that time when I realize amazing new things- about the world and about myself too. At times, this translates to flying across an ocean and exploring a new country. Other times, like that of last year, it’s as simple as driving across the United States while following a road map.

I’ve been living in the U.S all my life and yet, I hadn’t explored my homeland quite as much as I would have liked to. And with a country as vast as the United States, there’s always a place or two to explore. Like most Americans, I too wanted to experience the romance and charm of going on a cross-country road trip.

I wanted to get to know my country before I began to explore other countries.  From national parks, road-side attractions and picturesque drives to a cascade of never-ending imprints that take you on a journey amidst winding valleys and charming little mountain gateways- I wanted to experience it all. I wanted to live every American’s dream.

LaCroix Water

Sporting my favorite pair of aviators, I carried a few essentials- clothes, money, LaCroix water and set off on the quintessential American road trip. For the most part, they were perfect days. The weather too was glorious.

Draped in brilliant summer sunlight, the sky remained (for the most part) a spectacular shade of light blue; the wind a gentle brush of calm air (although, there were days when it became particularly hot). That said it’s only at times such as these, when you’re driving 12 hours at a stretch that you realize just how valuable water is. Fortunately, I was prepared.

I had carried enough stock of LaCroix water. With a wide range of great-tasting natural flavors and some smart packaging options, there was always stock for a quick water break.  And thanks to LaCroix Supplier’s excellent service, I was able to stock up for the entire trip. Not only do they deliver the beverage promptly, but they also custom-pack it in a way that’s most suitable to your needs.

Breathtaking Mountains

For instance, because I intended to carry the drink in bulk and because I was travelling by road, they packaged it in a way that it didn’t occupy too much space. In fact, they made my trip a lot more viable because staying hydrated is what allowed me to drive long hours. It helped me keep going.

The trip was a huge success. Having spent two months on the road, I saw and experienced a lot. I traveled as far west as Arizona before heading back east, towards the Great Plains and finally home.  As a travel enthusiast- this was, indeed, the real stuff.

The epic journey was memorable and taught me so many new things. Rocky Mountains, the Grand Canyon, Denver, New Orleans, and the Great Plains- I realized just how vast the United States is (and I had barely explored my backyard).

I met interesting people, made new friends, gathered new perspectives, and learnt a little more about my culture while appreciating the charm of other cultures too. This road trip gave me so much to take back with me. I discovered the glory of the open road and while on it, introspected and discovered myself again. This was, by far, one of the most unforgettable and fulfilling experiences I’ve ever had.

Needless to say, the United States is one of the most popular and favoured hotspots in the world. Call it a traveler’s magnet, this place is arguably the most visited and talked about place in the travelers mind. America is Big and there’s so much left to explore and experience.  Given how memorable last year’s trip was, I’m planning on making another trip this summer. This time, I hope to go with family and know I can bank on LaCroix Distributor for all my beverage needs. You can too.

If you’re in New York or Connecticut, then keeping stock of this handy drink is very easy. LaCroix Wholesaler is one of the top-line distributors for LaCroix. With a massive selection of water, juices, and sodas to choose from, you are guaranteed of a great experience. Ask me and I’ll say that they’re your best bet for stocking up beverages.

So, what’s stopping you from planning a road trip? Summer isn’t too far behind and so the right time might very well be sometime soon.