Lion Tea: The Dandelion Drink with Super Healing Powers!

Here in the United States, dandelion is commonly known as a pesky weed that wreaks havoc in our lawns and gardens. In fact, dandelions are considered as one of the most infamous of weeds that are very difficult to completely get rid of.

But did you know that dandelions, despite their negative reputation, are admired in traditional herbal medicine practices for their several medicinal properties? For centuries, the plant has been used to treat a plethora of physical ailments, such as digestive orders, liver disease, cancer, and acne. Dandelions are capable of doing all those health wonders because it is highly nutritious and is full of potent antioxidants.

Lion Botanicals is a Brooklyn-based wellness company that took advantage of dandelion’s many medicinal properties by launching a line of prebiotic dandelion tea called Lion Tea. This decision of theirs can be considered as a bold move because dandelion is widely known for being a stubborn weed in gardens and lawns, and therefore automatically classified as a ‘pest’, with only a limited number of online publications, videos and articles showing to the general public that it does indeed offer a lot of health benefits.

According to Lion Tea’s website, each part of the dandelion plant features its own unique functionality that allows it to provide super healing powers when combined. Here’s each dandelion part and its specific benefits:

  • Organic Dandelion Leaves – cleanses kidneys, skin and liver
  • Organic Dandelion Root – prebiotics for digestive health
  • Wildcrafted Dandelion Flower – antioxidants to fight free radicals

While the three listed above are Lion Tea’s primary ingredients, the product also contains other organic ingredients that vary depending on the flavor. These organic ingredients, when combined with the whole dandelion plant, make up for a super healthy beverage that provides maximum healing benefits. Lion Tea can maintain strong gut health, detoxify the skin and liver, aid in weight loss, reduce water retention, lower blood pressure, help fight inflammation, and more. Apart from its healthfulness, Lion Tea is also potent as a cure for hangovers.

You’re probably thinking that Lion Tea doesn’t have an appealing taste because it is a healthful beverage that contains dandelion as its main ingredient. Let me tell you this: when it comes to the flavor of Lion Tea, you don’t have to worry about a thing because this prebiotic brew packs an amazing taste. While dandelions in general have a bitter taste that stands out, the bitterness in Lion Tea is not too much due to the presence of other organic ingredients in the product.

The unique and balanced flavors of Lion Tea, as of writing, are the following: unsweetened, lemon honey, blood orange ginger, strawberry lavender, blueberry hibiscus, and mint. All of them are packed in a 10oz glass bottle that comes with an interesting design.

Refreshing, delicious and super healthy – these are the adjectives that best describe Lion Tea. So, whether you are looking for a drink to cure your hangover or a beverage that can heal your body, then order this product now from Lion Teas distributor Imperial India.