Looking to Go Organic or Live Healthy? CideRoad Is the Beverage for You!

If you are planning to go organic, then you probably need to plan ahead about what food you’ll be eating and what beverages you’ll be drinking. But even if you’re not looking to shift to an exclusive organic diet, introducing food and drink products of that kind would be beneficial to your body, considering that organic ingredients are known for having a higher nutritional value compared to their counterparts.

Whether you are looking to go organic or you just want to enjoy the perks of an organic drink, CideRoad is the perfect beverage for you! How so? Because CideRoad is a line of organic beverages that feature both carbonated and non-carbonated variants. It might not be as mainstream as other drink products, but what’s certain about CideRoad is that it is a historic beverage guaranteed to quench your thirst and surprise your palates.

As of writing, CideRoad offers two product lines that are non-carbonated and carbonated, respectively: Switchel and the all-new Spritzel. Considering the brand’s knack for innovation, we can expect more products lines for them soon. But for now, let’s appreciate the greatness of their existing products, all of which are surprisingly refreshing and flavorful.

Switchel is a drink with a very rich history, because it was one of America’s pioneering thirst-quenching beverages. CideRoad was nice enough to resurrect the historic drink and introduce it to us thirsty consumers, because without them, then we probably wouldn’t have found out about it. Featuring maple syrup, apple cider vinegar, ginger, and water as its core ingredients, CideRoad Organic Switchel comes in three different flavors: original, cherry, and blueberry – all of which are surely going to delight and refresh you – and are stored in old-school bottles.

Apart from CideRoad’s historic and unique Organic Switchel, they also have a relatively new product line called Spritzel, which was launched just a few years ago. Unlike the non-carbonated Switchel, Spritzel is a sparkling beverage with a tart flavor that is similar to what seltzer or sparkling water tastes, but even better. It is also a USDA Organic certified product line and contains fewer calories than Organic Switchel, making it the ideal beverage for health-conscious consumers. CideRoad Spritzel is currently available in three flavors: Blueberry + Honeysuckle, Watermelon + Mint, and Strawberry + Basil.

Now that we have laid out the essential details about CideRoad’s two organic product lines, let’s now go through the health benefits that each of them presents.

For a historic drink such as switchel, of course there are reasons why it managed to stay worthy of drinking for many centuries, with some of them being that it is really healthy. That means that with CideRoad Organic Switchel, you will also be benefitting from the numerous positive health effects that it conveys, which is a given considering that it contains ginger and apple cider vinegar – both are ingredients known for their healthfulness.

As for CideRoad Spritzel, this beautifully designed product line, as mentioned before, boasts a low calorie content, which makes it safer for regular consumption. High calorie intake has long been linked to higher body fat percentages and weight gain, so having the option to drink a beverage low on calories is definitely a nice thing to have.

CideRoad products are organic, refreshing, unique, and most important of all – delicious! This brand’s beverage offerings are absolutely perfect for individuals who are looking to go organic, and also to individuals who just want to drink something nice and healthy. Our company is a CideRoad distributor, which means that you can easily order all of this brand’s products from us!