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4 Reasons Why Pepsi Is Better Than Other Soda Brands

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Pepsi is one of the leading soft drink brands in the world that is often considered as better than its rivals, but we’ll delve deeper into that later. For now, let’s quickly talk about the brand’s history, from its humble beginnings to its current state as a powerful soda giant.

Back in 1893, when Pepsi was first invented by Caleb Davis Bradham, the soda had a different name – Brad’s Drink. The soft drink became an instant hit to the masses due to its amazing flavor and smoothness, which had a mix of water, sugar, nutmeg, caramel, lemon oil, and other natural additives as its core ingredients. It was only on August 1898 when Brad’s Drink was renamed to Pepsi-Cola by Caleb Bradham. And as the years went by, the soft drink started to grow and become more popular throughout the entire country – and later to the entire world.

Right now, Pepsi is considered by many as one of the leading soda brands in the entire planet, and by some as the best soda of all time. One can argue that it all ultimately boils down to personal preference, as each soda brand has its own unique and great qualities that make it more likeable to a particular group of consumers, but that won’t stop us from finding out the exact reasons why Pepsi is better than other sodas. Let’s discuss at least four of them in here:

1. Pepsi Packs an Incredible Flavor

Each soda brand in the world has its own distinctive and defining taste, but Pepsi packs a flavor that takes consumers to a sweet, smooth and lovely drinking experience that only it can provide. Since Pepsi has more sugar than other leading soda brands, it is obviously much sweeter and flavorful. Other than that, Pepsi boasts a citrusy flavor burst and tanginess that treats every taste bud to a delightful trip, minus the weird aftertaste that other sodas have.

2. Pepsi Has Cooler Advertisements

Have you ever seen a Pepsi advertisement? If you have, then you’ve probably noticed that it is more relatable, funny and modern compared to the ads of its rivals in the soft drink category. Apart from that, the advertisements of Pepsi are more focused on the experience and ingenuity of the product rather than emphasizing on irrelevant matters.

3. Pepsi Has Less Sodium

While the ingredients of most leading soda brands are extremely similar, their amounts are the one that vary. In Pepsi’s case, it only has 30 mg of sodium, which is significantly lower compared to the higher sodium contents of other popular soft drinks. For those who are unaware, excessive sodium consumption is linked to a number of health issues, including high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and stroke, among others.

4. Pepsi Is More Affordable

If you do your own shopping, then you’ve probably noticed that Pepsi is much cheaper compared to its soft drink rivals. The price of a product can be a deal breaker to some consumers, especially to those who buy in bulk, so Pepsi obviously has the edge when it comes to affordability. Since we are a local Pepsi distributor, you can also buy Pepsi products at an affordable price from us.