Pure Green Makes It Fun and Easy to Be Healthy!

Some people say that being healthy is a difficult, tedious thing to do that requires a lot of discipline and dedication. This is kind of true since some of the healthiest food products in the planet aren’t pleasurable to the palates, making it very hard for some to maintain a lifestyle dedicated solely to it. After all, where’s the fun in eating or drinking something whose taste you can’t even stand?

However, despite what they stereotype about nutritious foods, Pure Green is here to prove to everyone that it is easy, fun and accessible to be healthy. How? By introducing to consumers its line of healthy, organic products that includes cold pressed juices, handmade smoothies, and acai bowls, among others.

What makes Pure Green so special?

To start things off, Pure Green products are unlike the foods and beverages that are currently being sold in the market. This is because each and every Pure Green product is gluten free, dairy free, amazingly delicious, and loaded with nutrients. If you don’t believe me, you can try out for yourself by buying from Pure Green distributor and having your orders delivered straight to your door!

But even if you’re kind of skeptical about this product, you can clearly tell that it’s the real deal with how it’s rapidly expanding throughout the country. I mean, they wouldn’t expand that much if the people don’t like their products, right? So it’s prominent that Pure Green is doing a great job when it comes to giving consumers exactly what’s advertised – beverages that are as delicious as they are healthy.

How does Pure Green do it?

Pure Green is the brainchild of Ross Franklin, a health and wellness business strategist who has many years of valuable experience in the industry. The most likely scenario is that this guy used everything he learned from working with other well-known smoothie and cold press juice companies earlier in his career to create products with just the right combination of deliciousness and healthiness. Not too much, not too lacking.

Pure Green’s line of cold pressed juices are, well, cold pressed to perfection using fresh fruits and vegetables, which they purposely do to guarantee freshness and also to preserve all live enzymes, minerals and vitamins from the produce. Do you know what that means? It means that their cold pressed juices are jam-packed with nutrients and natural flavor!

Oh, I forgot to mention that they exclusively use high-quality ingredients for that added taste and nutrition, which they only source from local, organic farms that follow sustainable practices.

What are the flavors of Pure Green’s cold pressed juice?

So far, Pure Green’s best-selling product is the cold pressed juice. As of writing, it is available in a slew of cool and interesting flavors such as Melon Hydr8, Pure Watermelon, Active Charcoal, Pure Gingerade,Grapeshot, Golden Girl, Pure Greens Apple, Soul Kick, Wake Up Call, Pure Greens LG, Pure Greens ALG, Rockin Beet, and Coconut Hydrate (for their 16-ounce collection) as well as Pure Orange and Pure Fuji Apple (for their 8-ounce collection). Every flavor of their cold pressed juice is stored in a sleek ready-to-drink bottle with a great design.

With many delicious and nutritious flavors to try out – all of which can be consumed easily straight from a bottle, drinking Pure Green surely is a fun and easy way to be healthy.