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Why Red Bull & Snowboarding Make for the Best Evening

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It’s March 7th, 2018 and I’m trying as hard as I possibly can to keep my eyes wide open. Having spent the last few days working long hours at work, I’m pretty close to crashing out. My eyes are heavy and I sure could do with some sleep. But that’ll have to wait until later tonight. There is no way, absolutely no way, I’m going to let a little tiredness and sleep deprivation ruin what is otherwise going to be an exciting evening. Oh, how I love snowboarding! For someone who leads a fairly sedentary life (I spend my time mostly sitting in front of the computer and am too afraid of heights to dare doing something even remotely adventurous), this is the closest I can get to experiencing an extreme sport.  Well, in my defense, I hardly have the time and am trying to make changes, but that’s for another time and another topic. Today we’re talking about the world’s greatest snowboarding event people.  It’s the 36th Annual Burton US Open, of course. The stage is all set for something epic with some classic clashes between top-dog troupers and young and hungry rookies.

Snowboarding Championships

As you can tell, I’m excited as hell. For now, sleep has to wait. There’s a match that’s worth more than my sleep. Determined to stay up late, I reach out to the one thing I know will help me get the job done (ok, I confess. I love my red bull. And if you’re anything like me, then you know exactly what I’m talking about). Wearing a big smile while sipping on a can of super-chilled Red Bull, I tuck myself into a corner and tune into my favorite sports channel. I cannot think of a better way to spend my evening. The match is all set to begin. And my eyes, not so tired anymore. I must admit that the drink does make me feel like I’ve grown a pair of wings so to speak. Not only does it taste different and nice at the same time (yes, I kind of love the sour-cranberry taste), but it’s also nonalcoholic. A few sips down (and I make sure I don’t go overboard), and I’m as wide-awake as I’d like to be.  While I certainly don’t advocate drinking too much Red Bull, it’s a good energy drink to have by your side on days when you need a little extra push. It’s functional, nonalcoholic and gets the job done every single time. Fortunately, if you’re around New York or Connecticut, then keeping stock of this handy drink isn’t tough at all. Red Bull Wholesaler is a top-line beverage distributor who offers fast and often same-day delivery to your doorstep. At Red Bull Supplier, you can rest assured that you’ll never be disappointed.  With a massive selection of water, juices, and sodas to choose from, you are guaranteed of a great experience. Ask me and I’ll say that they’re your best bet for stocking up of beverages.

Red Bull & Snowboarding Make Perfect Evening

As I get back to sipping Red Bull in anticipation of a great match ahead, I can’t help but wonder about the outcome of the tournament? Will Shaun White claim another halfpipe title? Or will 19-year old Ayumu Hirano gain an advantage over El blanco? How about Kelly Clark, will she be able to get her redemption after a brutal hip injury?  Or will the new queen of pipe, 17-year old Chloe Kim continue to dominate the superpipe? Well, there’s only way to find out. Watch the Burton US Open 2018 and know for yourself. But before that, it’s time for me to make a quick call and order some fresh stock of Red Bull. Contact Red Bull Distributor if you want to stock up too.