SOUND Sparkling Tea: An Unsweetened Beverage That Tastes So Good!

Nowadays, it’s hard to find drinks in grocery stores that are not sweetened by sugar or artificial sweeteners. They are literally loaded with a wide variety of sweetened beverages, which are stocked up on purpose by the ones in charge for the sole reason of maximizing profits, because sugary beverages like sodas and sports drinks tend to sell more.

Do you know why sugary beverages spell profit for business owners? It’s because sugar or artificial sweeteners are capable of enhancing the taste of these beverages by a lot, and consumers prefer to buy products that will satisfy their needs, wants and taste buds. Also, sugar is an ingredient known for being addictive, so that plays a significant part too.

When you hear the words ‘unsweetened beverage’, you’re probably thinking that this kind of drink falls short in the taste department, but is pretty much really healthy. That’s exactly the case sometimes, as there are some unsweetened beverages that fail to deliver a taste that stands out. But then there’s SOUND Sparkling Tea.

SOUND is a line of unsweetened, certified organic and non-GMO sparkling teas that prove that a drink doesn’t always need to have artificial sweeteners or sugar in order for it to taste good, because these sparkling tea beverages are incredibly delicious! This fantastic drink, which is the combination of tea and sparkling water, has everything that you will ever look for in a beverage, including added functionality, deliciousness, and fizziness.

For an unsweetened beverage, SOUND Sparkling Tea surely doesn’t seem like it has no sweeteners added to it, which is why it has been generating some noteworthy buzz in the carbonated beverage category. And because all SOUND Sparkling Tea products contain sparkling water and a plethora of high-quality organic ingredients, anyone who buys and drinks this beverage will benefit from its bubbly goodness and healthiness.

As of writing, SOUND Sparkling Tea’s beverage lineup includes green tea, white tea, rose tea, yerba mate, and chamomile flavors. They are all stored in a nice-looking bottle with a label theme that depends on the flavor of the product. For example: green tea is stored in a bottle with a green label, and rose tea features a rose-themed label.

But how does SOUND Sparkling Tea manage to taste so good without sugar or artificial sweeteners? The answer is simple: with the help of natural ingredients.

To help you understand it better, let’s go through the ingredients of one of SOUND’s core products, particularly the yerba mate flavor.

SOUND Sparkling Yerba Mate is made with filtered sparkling water, tea blend (yerba mate, hibiscus, white tea, and guayusa), lime extract, lemon extract, and citric acid. If you’re familiar with yerba mate, it is a super healthy tea that has a distinctive astringent bitter taste. But SOUND managed to turn this particular flavor of theirs into something surprisingly delicious by adding in hibiscus, which is known for having a berry-rich and lemony-tart taste, and extracts of lime and lemon.

The example mentioned above was just one of SOUND’s five core products, and they followed the same formula of adding in natural ingredients that work well with the flavors to give them all a remarkable delicious taste. I know that it’s unusual for a healthy, unsweetened beverage to taste so good, but SOUND Sparkling Tea does exactly that. So, what are you waiting for? Order from SOUND Sparkling Tea distributor now.