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Soylent: The Meal Replacement Drink for Busy People

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If you are the type of person who is usually busydoing a lot of things and has often no time to buy or prepare a meal, then you need to find a solution if you don’t want your body to acquire lasting health complications.Soylent is an innovative beverage that classifies itself as a ready-to-drink meal, containing many essential nutrients that the human body needs to function properly and effectively.As grown, working adults, we sometimes can’t avoid moments where we’re too busy to grab a hearty meal outside the office or prepare our own food at home, especially during tiring, important deadlines. Soylent is here to give us adults a healthy and tasty alternative to food – a ready-to-drink meal replacement beverage that you can effortlessly consume anytime, anywhere.Soylent gives us the luxury to invest more time doing the tasks that needs to be done, saving us a lot of precious time that we would’ve spent on preparing or buying a meal. With the equivalent of one full meal, there is no doubt that Soylent is an extremely convenient meal replacement drink.

Soylent offers three distinctive products – Soylent Drink, Soylent Café, and Soylent Powder.

The Power of Soylent Drink

Soylent Drink is a 14oz beverage available in three crisp flavors: Original, Cacao, and Strawberry, each of which provides 400 kcal and 20% of our daily nutritional requirements. This ready-to-drink meal contains soy protein, vitamins and minerals, sunflower oil, and isomaltulose – all are essential nutrients for the human body. Since every second counts during hectic deadlines and busy exam weeks, Soylent Drink has everything you need to get through the frantic moments in your life, all without the hassle of preparing food or buying a meal. All you need to do is grab a bottle, open it, and consume it – basically a one-step process for the equivalent of a full meal.

Soylent Café – The Goodness of Coffee and a Hearty Meal in One Bottle

Soylent Café is a naturally and artificially flavored, caffeinated drink available in Café Vanilla, Café Mocha, and Café Chai flavors. Each variant of Soylent Café is packed with 400 calories of plant-based nutrition, which means that it can provide the same amount of energy a regular breakfast, lunch, or dinner meal can. It also contains the right amount of caffeine needed to give your mind and body the stimulation it needs. Much like Soylent Drink, Soylent Café offers 20% of our daily nutritional requirements as well, making it the most rewarding Soylent product in terms of overall benefits.

Soylent Powder – an Easy-to-Prepare Drink that Packs the Same Benefits as a Full Meal

Soylent Powder is an easy-to-prepare meal replacement drink designed to provide efficient nutrients in each serving. This Soylent product doesn’t hold the same ready-to-drink convenience as Soylent Café and Soylent Drink, but it only requires minimum effort to prepare. Soylent Powder is available in Original and Cacao flavors that can be purchased in two formats – tub and pouch. With 2000 kcal and 20g of protein per serving, Soylent Powderpacks the essential nutrients that are equivalent to what a complete meal offers.

Where You Can Get Your Stock of Soylent Products

Since Soylent is a unique kind of product, finding it around grocery stores or specialty shops can sometimes be difficult. But the meal replacement drink can be purchased in bulks from a reputable beverage distributor like Soylent distributor. If you’re interested in getting your own supply of Soylent Café, Soylent Drink, or Soylent Powder, Soylent supplier can get it for you and deliver it right at your doorstep, with the option of same-day delivery upon request. Apart from that, if you have another drink product in mind, Soylent wholesaler can also get it for you because their expansive inventory contains more than 1000 drink products that include everything from popular sodas to rare craft beers.So, if your busy career often takes away from you the luxury to prepare and enjoy a hearty meal, then consuming a bottle of Soylent is your best solution. With the same nutritional equivalent as a complete meal in each serving, Soylent is your best friend during the hectic moments in your life.