The Timeless American Classic That Is A & W Root Beer

If you’re familiar with American root beer brands, then you’re probably aware that A&W Root Beer is one of the biggest names out there. Taking a cursory look at Google’s search engine results after typing “best root beer in America” in the search bar will show you several websites that included A&W Root Beer in their respective lists of the country’s best root beer brands.

When I saw that it’s common for A&W Root Beer to be ranked high in those types of articles and lists, I wasn’t even surprised at all. I mean, if you’ve tasted the beverage, then you can attest to its delicious sweet vanilla flavor which tastes just about right, as well as its perfect balance of creaminess and thickness that feels oh-so good in the mouth. However, if you haven’t tried it out yet, A&W distributor can help you out.

Some people are wondering what makes this root beer brand seem so fine and perfect, even if A&W itself is proudly advertising what its key ingredient is through its packaging. Do you want to know what it is? It’s real aged vanilla. A&W Root Beer’s masterful utilization of aged vanilla allowed them to bring out the best characteristics of the ingredient, resulting to a creamy and mellow taste as well as a sweet vanilla flavor. As for its nutrition facts, A&W Root Beer contains 31g of sugar, 30mg of sodium, 31g of carbohydrates, and 120 calories.

Even if you’re a casual root beer drinker or an avid fan of the beverage type, A & W Root Beer is always ready to treat you to a classic and refreshing drinking experience. It’s the kind of drink that is best enjoyed with your friends while watching your favorite sports team play. It’s the kind of drink to treat yourself with after a long, tiring day at work. It’s the sort of root beer that you can nicely pair with sandwiches, burgers, or pizza. In other words, A & W Root Beer is the type of root beer you can enjoy on almost any situation or occasion, which is also the reason why it maintained its place at the top for nearly a century.

Out of the slew of root beer brands out there, A & W Root Beer is among the handful that pack an unparalleled mix of smoothness, creaminess, and deliciousness. Drinking A & W Root Beer has been a part of the American culture for many years, and it will keep on being like that for many years to come. With everything that it is – from its incredible qualities to its storied history, A & W Root Beer is absolutely is a timeless American classic that will keep on delighting generation after generation of American root beer drinkers.