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This Sodium-Free Beverage from Vintage Packs a Fruity Goodness

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The beverage market is currently teeming with carbonated soft drinks that are admittedly delicious and refreshing, but the fact that they often contain potentially harmful ingredients, like sugar and sodium, will make the average consumer think twice before buying one. It’s a good thing, though, that many drink manufacturers have started to introduce their own line of carbonated beverages called seltzer water that are arguably much healthier than the average soft drink.

Sparkling water, sometimes called seltzer water here in the US, is naturally carbonated water considered as a safer and healthier alternative to sweet, sugary soft drinks. While sparkling water is sometimes referred to as seltzer water by Americans, there’s a difference between the two in that seltzer water has no added sodium salts, while sparkling water typically contains sodium, calcium, and magnesium. Sodium is a mineral that plays a significant role in helping our body restore and maintain water balance, but too much sodium consumption can increase the risk of stroke, hypertension, and heart disease.

Vintage is a beverage brand that has been delighting consumers with their line of exceptional drinks for decades. Currently, Vintage’s products include Vintage Seltzer, Vintage Sparkling Water, and Vintage Mixers, in which Vintage Seltzer is their most popular product to date. The brilliance of the people behind Vintage is absolutely astounding, because they managed to turn the sodium-free seltzer water into a popular beverage product that is refreshingly delicious.

Vintage Seltzer is available in many different flavors that include original, wild cherry, lemon, lime, lemon lime, seedless watermelon, and so much more. Vintage also releases limited-edition flavors that last for an entire season. But the wide selection of Vintage Seltzer flavors is not the only reason why this beverage is amazing, because Vintage Seltzers are also completely free of sodium, calories, sweeteners, sugar, and artificial flavors. The fruity goodness of this beverage can be enjoyed without worrying about potential health risks.

Vintage Seltzer is like the healthier version of sparkling water beverages, which are also considered a healthy type of drink. By taking into account all of those factors, from the beverage’s contents to the many fruity flavors it is currently available in, it is very easy to see why Vintage Seltzer is popular in the first place. In fact, Vintage Seltzer is the leading seltzer brand in the New York metro area.

As a fruity beverage that has zero sodium, sugar, and calories, Vintage Seltzer is without a doubt one of the most special drinks out there. The fact that it is very delicious with natural flavors alone is very impressive, but the bonus fact that it is free of ingredients that can be harmful to the health makes it even more splendid.

So what else are you waiting for? Order Vintage Seltzers from us now so you can see what this beverage is all about. As your local Vintage Seltzer distributor, we will gladly deliver your Vintage Seltzer orders right to your doorstep.