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Topo Chico Could Very Well Be Your #1 Reason to Party

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There’s something about drinking bubbling water (and I think it’s more than just bubbles knocking on my tongue) that makes me feel, well, pampered. In fact, I love all sparking water and more often than not, I find myself going for quantity over quality. But on days when I want to treat myself a tad bit more, I reach out to the best mineral water in the world- and the one that’s got the biggest bubbles too. It turns out that I’m not alone. Topo Chico is not just another brand of sparkling water. The brand has a devoted, almost obsessive, following these days and I’ll tell you why:

Topo Chico – Mineral Water

As the Brand Says- It’s Not Just About the Bubbles and at the Same Time, it’s all about the Bubbles!

As you can see, my fixation with bubbles continues. The carbonation inside a bottle of Topo Chico stands out. Available in lime and grapefruit, the drink has the perfect balance of fluid, flavor, and sparkle. The texture too is something totally unique, it makes magic happen in your mouth (if that is even possible).

It Makes Amazing Recipes

The drink is so well balanced that it serves as the perfect mixer.  Simply blend and strain some watermelon. Add a little simple syrup and Topo Chico and you’ve got a supremely tasty and exotic-looking treat. You can also freeze some Topo Chico and use them as crushed ice in your drink (yes, as versatile as that!).

It is Mineral Water So It’s good for you

Sure, it burns a bit (it is soda after all), but it has the goodness of mineral water. Topo Chico is sugar-free, low in sodium and does a great job of keeping you hydrated throughout the day. Wait a minute; did I also mention that it tastes outrageously delightful? Seriously- this drink is a winner all the way!

Let’s not forget The Style

When you hold a bottle of Topo Chico (with their trademark black or yellow bottle caps), you’re literally making a fashion statement. Available in beautiful glass bottles (so retro and so darn cool), the drink is a style symbol. I mean one look at the bottle and its fancy label (styled in bright yellow and red), and I want to hit the beach. Hell, it’s the perfect prop for that beach-kissed Instagram pic you’ve wanted all along.

Topo Chico Beverage Distributor

All that Goodness Is Now Available At Your Doorstep

Texans have been drinking this excitingly flavoursome drink long before it became a national sensation. And now, you can too. If you’re around New York or Connecticut, then keeping stock of this phenomenal drink has just become easier. Topo Chico Wholesaler is a top-line beverage distributor that offers fast and often same-day delivery to your doorstep. At Topo Chico Supplier, you can rest assured that you’ll never be disappointed. So go on, you now have a reason to party.

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